A variety of skills

I do my best to be a jack of all trades since I am a firm believer that you can never have too many abilities. This has served me well so far, as being able to use my entire skill set has been a great way to stand out in my line of work. Photography, video production, song writing, audio editing, and even web design are all well within my professional range. Have a look at some of my projects!


As far as my graphic and web design abilities go, you're looking at it! All of the coding and content has been created by me. Whether that's with fun backgrounds, creating color palletes, writing HTML or CSS, I typically have a lot of fun with my work!


Whether it's directing, producing, editing in Avid Media Composer, or doing audio work in ProTools, film is something I love. I've been lucky enough to work on a range of projects both through college and freelance work around the country. Here are some of my favorites!

Demo Reel

This video shows off some of my favorite projects to date in just one minute. Everything from student films to the 2021 CMA Awards. Full versions for most of these projects can be found farther down my page!

Wild Winds: Spirit of the Bison

Role: Associate Producer & Audio Engineer

Awards: BEA Festival of Media Arts - Award of Excellence, NATAS Emmy - Nominated and Winner, CBI National Production Awards - First Place, planetSHINE Ethical Film Festival - Best Film, United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 - Official Selection

The story of a bison preserve in Northern Indiana and the incredible people who run it as they work to protect one of North America's most iconic animals, It serves as an inspiration to honor the bison, the past, and Mother Earth.

Camilo: A Day in the Live

Role: A2

Camilo is broadcasting live while he prepares himself for the Latin Grammy awards, playing with his band, passing some time with his family, and cooking some incredible food. All of this ends with a live concert. Don't miss it!

I ♥ TU

Role: Producer & Editor

This short promotional video was commissioned by Taylor University in Upland, Indiana for their "I Love TU" campaign. The campaign raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the university.

Christmas on the Loop

Role: Editor

There are many traditions that make Christmas time at Taylor University special. From a lavish meal for students and staff in the campus dining commons, or the famous Silent Night basketball, this video summarizes that special time of year from 2021.

Strings Attached

Role: Audio Engineer & Director's Assistant

Awards: 2020 Hoosier Films Annual Festival - Official Selection, 2020 BEA Festival of Media Arts, Narrative Film category - Award of Excellence

The ghost of a recently deceased young woman must decide if she can leave her grieving husband and give him the opportunity to heal, or stay attached for the rest of his life.


Role: Producer

A gang of inexperienced robbers attempt to kidnap and extort a popular musician, but things go awry as they have literally no expereince with such things and might be lacking in common sense.

The Enthusiast: A Mockumentary

Role: Audio Engineer

Awards: Taylor University Red Eye Film Festival 2021- Third Place

A dedicated film crew investigates the life of a sci-fi fanatic, and the truth he firmly believes about the world above us.

Hold The Elevator

Role: Producer & Audio Engineer

Awards:Taylor University Red Eye Film Festival 2020- First Place

With a murderer on the loose, two strangers find themselves trapped in an elevator and start to become suspicious of each other as police work to get them out.


Music is a passion of mine. I deeply enjoy all parts of the proccess from writing, to recording, and then editing and producing.

For several years, I've had the oppertunity to write music with People&Songs during their Emerging Sound summer camps. It's a great oppertunity to improve my writing skills and learn from others during our co-write sessions.